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Perfect Addiction (2023) - Also known as "Kusursuz Takıntı"

Director: Castille Landon
Cast: Manu Bennett, Ross Butler, Kiana Madeira, Matthew Noszka, Poppy Gilbert, Nicholas Duvernay, Ryan Bown, Bree Winslow, Jay DeMerit, Kailas Mahadevan, Alex Czerwinski, Cecilia Diesch, Andreas Farkas, Bartosz Góra, Gosia Iciaszczyk, Karina Kazimierczak, Wiktor Najder, Hanka Napora


A successful boxing trainer discovers that her boyfriend, a reigning champion, has been cheating on her with her own sister. She sets out to get revenge by training the one man capable of dethroning him: his arch-nemesis Kayden.

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