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The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar The Wonderful Story Of Henry Sugar (2023) WEBRip 720p x264 - YIFY
M9 V9 A9
13 minutes ago
behrooz , , Iran
Very good story. Worth to watch.
Scarface Scarface (1983)
M-- V-- A--
49 minutes ago
VIP seaners760 , , United Kingdom
I Watched this movie Pacino Brilliant
Scarface 1983 2160p BluRay x265 10bit SDR DTS-X 7 1-SWTYBLZ
M9 V10 A10
4 months ago
MarvelFan 30, M, United Kingdom
Not sure why so much people are complaining about the file sizes. The people who are clearly don't know anything about movie torrenting. If you want to get the full experience from a 4k movie, the max size you should go for is 80gb. Those are Remux's and have the greatest movie colour, bit rate, audio channels and audio bitrate. If you don't want a massive size but want to still have the best quality, go for a 20gb BluRay rip. Anything below that isn't really worth it and your missing out on the full experience. Not sure how some guy is complaining about a file size being 7.7gb lol.
Scarface (1983) Bluray 720p x264 - YIFY
M7 V9 A9
7 years ago
hasitha 36, M, Sri Lanka
Good movie! If you like godfather movie series, then this movie is for you.
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Six Six (2017)
M-- V-- A--
4 hours ago
Ciymen , , Ethiopia
Six (2017)
M-- V-- A--
4 hours ago
Ciymen , , Ethiopia
Six (2017)
M10 V-- A--
last year
shehanmadu1992 31, M, Sri Lanka
Very good
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Ah Girls Go Army Ah Girls Go Army (2022)
M2 V-- A--
5 hours ago
pecon 1, M, Ireland
Absolutely dreadful. This nonsense has no redeeming features. It's in pidgin English which is hard on the ears and barely understandable. Watch at your pearl!. Plus it seems that there is more to follow :-0
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 2023 2160p DOLBY Vision HDR10 DDP5.1 Atmos DV x265 MP4-CYPH3R
M1 V-- A--
6 hours ago
Don't waist your time.
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 (2023)
M4 V-- A--
WankerSpanker 63, M, Canada
It’s a shame because there are some intimate moments that, if played with even a hint of restraint, could have pulled at the heartstrings. Instead, we get souvlaki jokes, banal schmaltziness and choppily edited tourism bureau style footage. Also (SORTA KINDA SPOILER), this may be the first film with the word “Wedding” in the title, to have a wedding, but not show the actual ceremony.
“My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3,” for better and for worse, much worse, tries harder than any other movie this year to make you love it.
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 2023 1080p WEBRIP DD5.1 x264-GalaxyRG
M7 V10 A10
Winnougan , , Morocco
The first one was a classic. Oh dear. Welp. Here we go again
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