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Maksym Osa (2022) - Also known as "Cossack Maksym"

Director: Myroslav Latyk
Cast: Vasiliy Kukharskiy, Olga Makeeva, Sergey Denga, Vladimir Gurin, Albina Korzh, Vladimir Yushchenko, Sergey Shadrin, Bogdan Benyuk, Mykhailo Illienko, Myroslav Latyk, Vladimir Fedoruk, Denys Skrypnyk, Serhiy Kuzyk, Anastasiya Mikhalchyk, Oleh Prymohenov, Oleh Yurchyshyn, Andrii Valiiev


Ukraine - 1636. Someone has attacked a battalion of cossacks that were transporting the gold of the Polish king. A cossack - Maksym Osa - tries to find the missing gold, but soon becomes one of the main suspects.

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