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In Inima Nationalei (2024) - Also known as "In the Heart of the Nation"

Director: Remus Achim
Cast: Denis Alibec, Andrei Burca, Razvan Burleanu, Marian Codirla, Florinel Coman, Silviu Corneanu, Adi Dobre, Radu Dragusin, Catalin Gheorghiu, Ianis Hagi, Edward Iordanescu, Razvan Marin, Cornel Mateiasi, Valentin Mihaila, Costi Mocanu, Horatiu Moldovan, Catalin Oprisan, Catalin Popescu


The film tells the story of a Euro 2024 qualification and a team in which no one believed anymore. Or almost nobody. A behind-the-scenes story of the Euro 2024 qualification campaign for Romania's national football team.

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